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Price: £30.18
Brand: Honeywell
Product Code: SLICK 3SFW
Use a Heat Alarm in kitchens, garages, boiler rooms and any other humid or dusty places where smoke alarms will give false alarms. Heat alarms are triggered when temperature reaches 57C. Heat alarms should be interconnected with smoke alarms from the same range. Designed specifically for social and private housing this New Slick Heat Alarm features an unique fast fit system with integral terminal block on separate base plate. The alarm slides onto the base plate hinge flap and locks by default. If a Wireless Alarm Base is fitted in place of the standard base plate, the alarm becomes wireless and can be controlled by the Remote Test and Hush Unit and wire-free interconnected with up to 15 units. This Heat Alarm is mains powered with 9V alkaline battery back-up. Product Features:  Unique fast-fit system with separate base plate, enabling fitting after construction and removal for maintenance.  Integral, double-decker screw-less terminal block for fast, push-fit connection. Wireless Capability' enabling use with Kidde Fyrnetics new Wireless Alarm Base  Compatible with Kidde Fyrnetics new Remote Test & Hush switch  Separate Hush & Test buttons for ease of use  Green & Red LEDs to indicate alarm status.  Auto resets after activation with latching LED allowing the initiating alarm to be identified.  Inter-linkable with Slick® or Firex hard-wired smoke & heat alarms.  Interlinkable with Kidde hard-wired CO alarms using 'Smart Interconnect' technology.  Up to 6 months continuous operation from back-up battery, in the event of mains failure.  30 days low battery warning indicator Technical Specification: -Sensor: thermistor (thermal resistor) within detection unit - Supply Voltage 230V AC, 50Hz -Battery back-up: user-replaceable Alkaline Battery 9 Volt MX1604 - Power-On Indicator: continuous green LED - Alarm Sound Output: 85dB at 3m - Guarantee 6-years excluding battery - Dimensions 135mm diameter x 89mm depth (with Slick® mounting base) - Temperature Range 0 to 40°C Interconnect: up to 24 of these units can be interconnected: - 1 SFW, 1SFWR, 2SFW, 2SFWR smoke alarms - 3SFW, 3SFWR heat alarms - 423/9HIR, 423D/9HIR CO alarm (hard-wire, non-Slick® base) Wireless Compatible Using appropriate Wireless Base - Connectible via Wireless Base Model RF-SFTP (up to 15 units) - Connectible as hardwire with 'SMART® interconnect system (up to 24 units) - Optional Controls With the KN-RTH-RF Wireless Base Remote Test and Hush Unit,when used with the RF-SFTP Wireless alarm base
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